SNASH released their new single ‘PIGS’ on the 3/04/20, recorded with 7 West Music.

Alright troops! So, this is my first review – apart from the odd wee “THIS TUNE IS CLASS” tweet – i’ve not got much experience, and safe to say i am bricking it a wee bit. I thought i’d start with a band i’m absolutely loving at the moment – SNASH. I first seen this lot supporting Rascalton at King Tuts back in September 2019, and fell in love with the sheer madness and intensity.

SNASH have released their belter new of a tune ‘PIGS’, starting off with a heavy marching drum beat that drags you in wanting to hear more – it just gets better. The gradual build up of the other instruments kick in, leading up to a heavy in your face sound that i cant get enough of. That alone will make you want to throw your pint up in the air and dive right into a mosh pit (might just need to do that in your kitchen at the moment though, if your maw will let you, lockdown and all that).


Then comes in the vocals. The loud, in your face, Glaswegian vocals in this are phenomenal, with the backing of the heavy guitar, bass and drums, you can’t sit still while listening to this. With the first verse having the lyrics “Marching in opposite directions as the heel of your boot kicks up dust, spin around and draw we’ll see which one of us cocks and shoots first.” You can hear the intensity, and the build up to a drop just before the madness of the chorus kicks in.

As the song winds down with the lyrics “Back to basics, back to the route, back to square one, back to reality”, the chorus belts back in once more for another minute of madness – “In this country of mine, the sun burns but refuses to shine” “pigs we are”, before the song starts to breakdown. With the marching drums back and punchy guitar leading out for a intense end to the single, you will want to put this back to the beginning and listen to it all over again – and you should!

The Glaswegian punk band formed in 2017 and have easily made their way into the punk scene as a band you need to go and watch, its not just a gig with SNASH either – its a full experience, that I think everyone needs to experience at some point.

SNASH have a headline gig coming up in Glasgow at the venue Room 2, with the support from Bob Vylan. It was set to take place at the start of April but has now been rescheduled, and the new date has still to be confirmed. You can find tickets here: You don’t want to miss it.

You can find SNASH on all social medias:


Twitter: @SNASH_BAND

Instagram: @snash.ruys


Go and show SNASH some love on their social media, and especially on their new tune. Stream it, buy it, tell your maw’s, da’s, and all your pals about it, replay it – you’ll not be disappointed. Also, you should buy tickets to their gig – let off some steam when this lock down’s over and done with. Stay safe and enjoy!


  1. Brilliantly reviewed! Could feel myself drawn in as you eloquently described how this song builds to a great crescendo. Well done Lauryn !


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