Song Review: Peco – Some Folk

Someone gave me some advice recently:  “You shouldn’t be so positive all the time – you need to also sometimes be critical of the music you are reviewing”.

Well, as Dolly Parton once said:  “Don’t give me advice, give me information so I can make up my own mind”.  So I think that person made a valid observation however…

I must have won the music review lottery because I have loved all the music I have reviewed so far – and Peco’s new single, *Some Folk* is no exception.

The song opens with a sing-along “oooooo….ahhhhhhh” then goes right into a bouncy clap-your-hands catch your attention rhythm.  I’m intrigued.  The song makes me happy. 

Now that they’ve got me hooked on the rhythm, the melody, the likability of the song, does it really matter what the words say?  For a lot of songs, it’s “that’s all she wrote” as they say.  A lot of fans don’t need to know what the words are if the groove is good.

But when the song finished, I immediately played it again because as I was bopping along, I kept hearing Copernicus.  

“Some folk are all about looking in not looking out  – x2  

Self-centered Universe / Forget about Copernicus”  

Copernicus?  Does anyone even know who he was?  I happen to know because of my interest in astronomy (he proposed in the early 1500s that the planets revolved around the the sun which displeased many religious leaders who denounced him etc)


“People are social animals / You realize when times get hard”

Clever writing – short & sweet.  That’s it.  Those are all the lyrics right there.  Guess he figured he said all he had to say so he just repeated with a very cool catchy tune and voila – a song is born.  Made me pay attention to just more than the bounciness and fun of the song.

Have a listen – once you’ve googled who Copernicus was.



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