Single Review | Brian Webster – (I’ve Got A) Warning

By Chelsea Ness

Highly influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground and The Stone Roses, the very talented Brian Webster has had a great influence within the Glasgow music scene over the years. Brian releases his latest single, ”(I’ve Got A) Warning’ this week and if you’re a fan of 70s music with a modern day edge then you’ll have this track on repeat!

‘(I’ve Got A) Warning’ has the ability to create a mix of genres in the one song including folk, country and alternative indie which shows the creativity in Brian’s work. Listening to the single, you would never guess that it was written and recorded by a Scottish artist. Brian’s voice is incredibly unique to anything I have heard in the Scottish music scene. He writes the type of songs that you just wouldn’t expect to hear nowadays which makes it that extra bit special.

Photo credit to Chloe Farrell (Insta –

I first discovered Brian when he played an acoustic set through a Grassroots Music Promotions gig at Nice N Sleazy’s in Glasgow. I had no idea what to expect from the singer songwriter but expectations truly exceeded themselves as his natural raw talent was highlighted through his guitar skills and vocals. This was the first time I heard, ‘(I’ve Got A) Warning’ and hearing it for the first time in a stripped back version truly emphasised the real quality of the song.

Despite hearing it played acoustically, the mastered version adds more of a vibrant style to the track. The song concludes brilliantly with an enduring instrumental section which highlights the variety in Brian’s songwriting ability – anyone can write lyrics to song but it takes a highly skilled musician to compose the music.

I’m so excited to see what Brian has in store over the next few months in regards to new releases as if it’s anything as good as ‘(I’ve Got A) Warning’ then we are certainly in for a treat!



Twitter: @BW_GLA

Instagram: @Brian_Gla


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