Single Review: BETA WAVES – Hideaway

by Kieran Cannon

Living through these crazy times, it’s more important than ever to focus on the positives – particularly the sheer quantity of great new music keeping us entertained. One such example comes courtesy of Dundonian electronic duo BETA WAVES, who have just dropped their latest single. Entitled Hideaway (apt, whether by accident or design), it’s the perfect anthem for your government-approved Big Saturday Night In. Check it out below.

Although the formation of BETA WAVES was something of a “happy accident”, according to Dale Easson, there’s nothing coincidental about this supremely crafted piece of indie pop. Layer by layer, we’re gradually introduced to a lush electronic soundscape which is mellow, yet wistful, before exploding into a cathartic refrain. The vocals are colourful and dreamy without sounding washed out, still managing to cut through the noise.

The lads from Tayside have served up a treat here. It’s incredibly catchy and it sounds fresh, capturing a certain mood which the artwork – taken during an excursion to Spain last year – alludes to. On Hideaway, there are nods to artists like Tame Impala and LCD Soundsystem; these elements fuse seamlessly with the track’s pop sensibilities, resulting in something that’s a cut above the usual chart fare. If they continue pumping out songs like this, it’s surely only a matter of time until they strike gold.

Dale & Harry have teamed up with Treb / Reality Club to bring you a remix of their 2019 single Ad Lib, with proceeds going to NHS Tayside to help the fight against COVID-19. You can purchase the track and donate via their Bandcamp here.


Instagram: beta.waves

Twitter: @betawavesband


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