Sal’s Greenhouse brings the funk on the new EP ‘Bloom’

By Gary Schwind

Sal’s Greenhouse, like a lot of bands, incorporates a lot of different styles into its sound, making it both appealing and hard to categorize. On the new EP Bloom, this band from Oakland blends funk, soul, and R&B into a sound that is groovy and infectious.

From the very beginning, this EP has a serious funk vibe. The rhythm of the lead track “4 Ever” is about as funky as it gets and something that would make the members of P-Funk proud. At the same time, this song is ready for nightclubs everywhere. This is the kind of song that people love to hear while dancing away their troubles at the end of a long week at the office.

While the rhythms are just made to get you moving, it’s really the vocals of Sally Green that make the songs on this EP. You could say that her voice was made to front a funk band and you wouldn’t be wrong. The thing is, she could just as easily be the vocalist in a trip-hop band and it would work just as well. Her breathy vocals in “All That I Need” are proof of that.

That being said, “What” is a tremendous song, and it is an instrumental. The beat will get you tapping your feet while the melody will get every other part of you moving – starting with your hips.

This EP contains only five songs, but between the breathy vocals and the rhythms that you can feel deep in your gut, those songs definitely hook you and leave you wanting more. And lucky for us, it is just the sort of thing that is good for being confined to home. Bloom was released in January and is available everywhere now. Order your copy here.



TWITTER: @SalsGreenhouse

INSTAGRAM: @salsgreenhouse

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