Interview with Belau

By Chelsea Ness

This week, we caught up with Hungarian electronic music duo, Belau to chat about the Budapest music scene, supporting Mike Shinoda and of course, their latest single, ‘An Ocean Without Waves’ which was released in all major platforms at the start of the month…

How would you describe your music to first time listeners?
Belau takes their listeners to cheerful places, filled with sunshine, where one can relax, unwind and find peace and harmony. The music starts you on an inner journey which is a gift in our world of increasing isolation.

The band originates from Budapest, how would you describe the Budapest music scene?
Budapest scene is really colorful one, there many great underground band and also good club scene.

Who were your musical influences growing up?
Main musical influences are Bonobo, Odesza, Zero 7, Ibeyi, Vök, Slenderbodies.

Your latest single, ‘An Ocean without Waves’ was released at the start of the month, what was the influence behind it?
The lyrics of ‘An Ocean With No Waves’ we tried to balance between the two different layers of the song: on one hand there was Yas’ sentimental and outstanding personage, on the other hand the ever-growing message of Belau. We tried to capture the lyrics she came up with and write a hymn for togetherness reconciled by nature’s force. It is about love in its eternal entirety.


Over the last 4 years, you’ve played over 200 shows, what’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played and why?
Fortunately they’re many memorable gigs, from the last year maybe when we supported Mike Shinoda in Budapest Arena, or Primavera and Electric Castle festivals.

You played London last year, how does playing in the UK compare to playing in the rest of Europe?
In London there are always so many concerts per day, you should be the best if you would like to gain more fans, so it’s harder than rest of EU, but fortunately each year we have a London show and it’s always a pleasure.

We are a Scottish based music blog, who are your favourite Scottish bands / musicians?
My favourite when is definitely Franz Ferdinand, when i was young, i started to play guitar because of them. 🙂

What’s been the craziest thing to have happened on stage?
Good question, there were some dancing people, but nothing special. 🙂

Do you have a pre-gig ritual before you play a show?
Usually we discuss what will happened in the next one hour, focusing to each other.

You have had to postpone your European tour due to COVID 19 – how can fans support musicians during this pandemic?
Yes, we reschedule the album and the tour. Our LP will be out on 29th of May. In these crazy times people should stream more music.





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