SONG REVIEW: Broken Harmony – Charlie

Broken Harmony’s new single *Charlie* is SO goooooood.  I double dare you to try to sit still while you listen.  You can’t!

If you love funk, then you will want to be a part of the fabulous funk fandom of Broken Harmony or as they describe it “The Super Funk Band of Awesome”.

Full disclosure – I have known the keyboard player, Tony Silvestri since he first came on the music scene in Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada when he was 11 years old. 

Little anecdote – I heard him play at the Milford Fair – a small rural country fair.  As I stood there with my jaw to the ground, I said to the man standing next to me “Wow!  He is fantastic – what an amazing talent”.  And the man turned to me and said, “That’s my son”, with a great big grin.

Now back to *Charlie* – on first listen, you discover how awesome the song is and how seriously skilled the players are.  The guitar starts its infectious groove and within 3 notes you’re hooked.  Add some really tightly rehearsed shots by the rest of the band and you are drawn into a funk journey.  

*Charlie* is great for many reasons – the song, awesome skilled musicians and a remarkable audio production for a one take.  Anyone who has recorded can appreciate this mighty feat.

And above all this, how they shot the video!  One Take *Charlie* was shot via a custom gimbal in a house making it a truly cool video.

Broken Harmony was founded by Peterborough Brandon Humphrey who says he was deeply influenced by Colin James who “moulded my sound”.  He won the Wire Awards Guitar player of the Year in 2015.  An award that Silvestri also won in 2014 for keyboardist of the year.

Get your “Band of Awesome Funk” fix here:



Facebook: @brokenharmony4u 

Twitter:     @brokenharmonyCA

Instagram:  @brokenharmonyband

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  1. Hi there I’m Sean Daniels and I created this video. It was an exciting way to highlight the band’s tight skill by packing them into the space. I am very excited about working with other musicians on similar innovative video projects and welcome their contact 🙂 please check out our other videos at the YouTube site linked in this article! 🙂 DoMoreStuffVlog at Facebook


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