Bored with quarantine? bigfatbig has the cure with the single ‘So Bored’

By Gary Schwind

Some bands just seem to hit the ground running with songs that immediately draw people in. Bigfatbig is a band from northeast England that falls into that category. After the release of its first single in November, 2019, the band was booked to festivals and other choice shows. The band keeps things rolling with the new single “So Bored”.

You don’t have to be a music historian to know that loads of songs have been written about relationships that have gone bad or stale. It doesn’t take long to figure out that this is one of those songs. As Katie plays a 90s-style riff on the guitar at the beginning of the song, Robyn sings, “I’m so bored of you, baby…so bored of your shit.” Like I said, it doesn’t take long to figure out that the purpose of this song is to tell someone to kiss off.

Photo credit: Ryan Young

After the intro, the tempo and volume both pick up and the sound is something of a blend of the bubbly energy of The Bombpops and the kick-ass tones of Betty Blowtorch. The lyrics also lean more toward Betty Blowtorch – especially when Robyn sings, “Try dressing up as a different girl. Try doing my hair in those little curls before I realize it’s you, it’s not me. God! I’m only 23!”

You really only need to listen to this song once (although you probably won’t limit yourself like that) to know why bigfatbig has caught on so quickly. This is a band that plays with good energy and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. “So Bored” was released on March 13 and is available on all streaming platforms.



Instagram – @bigfatbig

Twitter: @bigfatbig

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