Timeless Promotions | Amy Lou @13th Note

Nursing a cold pint whilst surrounded by fellow music lovers waiting for the latest local talent to take stage … it really doesn’t get much better than a Friday night gig at 13th Note. Last month, Dunfermline Fiesty indie pop Queen, Amy Lou took to the stage for her first Glasgow headliner of the year and with support from St. Clements and False Friends, this was a night you did not want to miss!

We arrived just in the nick of time for Glaswegian Indie soul rock band, St Clements. Being completely honest, I didn’t really know much about the band but as soon as I heard their lead singer sing I was instantly drawn in. One of the best things about going to local gigs is discovering the local talent and it’s clear St Clements are ones to watch this year. Lead singer, Natalie Mollon’s soulful voice brings that unique touch. She’s got the type of voice that you could just listen to on repeat. Raw talent that flows beautifully with the rest of the band. One of their songs, ‘Making an Angel’ is seriously stunning and seeing it being performed live sounded even better than the recording (if that’s even possible?). Do yourself a favour and bring a bit of St Clement’s to your life – you’ll be thrilled you discovered them when you did.

Next on was Northern Irish indie vibrant band, False Friends who are now based in Glasgow. Now I actually only discovered this band a couple of weeks before the gig but had them on repeat since. Honestly I don’t understand how this band aren’t bigger but it sure is coming. They write the type of catchy, pop music that people just automatically connect with. Starting the gig with ‘God On A Hill’, the crowd were gripped. Despite the band being from Northern Ireland, they remind me of a lot of Scottish bands such as Fatherson, Frightened Rabbit with a little bit of Biffy flung in there.

My highlight of their set had to be when they played, ‘Careless’. If you haven’t heard it, prepare yourself cause it’s likely you won’t be able to listen to the full song without having a tear in your eye – I certainly can’t. Now I don’t know if it’s their lyrics, lead singer, Jonny’s incredible voice or the melody but there’s something in that song that just makes me feel something. There’s only a handful of songs that can totally leave me in awe and ‘Careless’ is one of them. ‘You say I’m not in love, I am she hates me, I know I’m not on drugs but why do I feel addicted? It’s seems so careless to care these days so why do I even bother?’ The lyrics convey a sense of heartbreak and it’s certainly a song that people can relate too so can you imagine seeing this performance live, it certainly was special.

Finally it was time for the headliner of the night, Amy Lou. I’ve been a fan of Amy Lou’s work since Fiat Five Hunner came on Spotify but this was shockingly the first time seeing Amy perform live. The talent that this girl has with not only her song-writing ability but her incredible stage presence and strikingly strong vocals is the reason why Amy is totally smashing it in the local Scottish scene now. Any one who has been to one of her shows before can see how much passion and emotion the twenty year-old has in her performances… it’s such an lovely thing to witness. From songs such as Chania, Addiction and even a wee Lizzo cover thrown into the mix, the headlining set was everything I expected and more. My highlight of the night, however, had to be when Amy performed her latest single, ‘Tonic Wine’. Ever since the song was released, it’s quickly became my favourite release of the year so far … it’s one of those songs that you only need to hear once for it to leave an impression on you. Amy writes about the real issues in life that need to be addressed. The type of issues that people of our generation feel so deeply about and Amy’s music helps listeners express themselves – a true icon in the industry.

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St Clements

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/st.clementsband/

Twitter: @StClements13

Instagram: @StClementsband

False Friends

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/falsefriendsmusic/

Twitter: @ffriendsmusic

Instagram: @Falsefriendsmusic

Amy Lou

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notyouamylou/

Twitter: @Not_you_amy_Lou

Instagram: @Not_you_amy_Lou

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