Interview with Andi Fins

By Chelsea Ness

This week, we caught up with German singer songwriter, Andi Fins to talk all things music. We chat about Andi’s songwriting process, the music scene in Germany and of course his upcoming album, ‘Whatever Works’ which will be released in April…

How would you describe your music for first time listeners?
Timeless…well, actually for me it’s pop music. But actually i don’t know, just listen!

How do you write your music, do you have a particular songwriting process or is it something that just comes naturally? 
I usually improvise on the piano, singing along in fantasy language and try to get a form out of it like a vers and chorus with chords and melodies.
Sometimes there are words coming around with it or whole phrases. But most of the time i start writing lyrics when i have sketches of music done.

You’ll be releasing your latest album, ‘Whatever Works’ in April – what was your inspirations and influences behind in the album? 
Most of it is about relationship and friendship, about hypes and missed opportunities, about anger and fear, new findings and humbleness and the attempt to deal with all that and stay happy.

You originate from Germany – how would you describe the German music scene? 
The German music scene is vivid and full of good music and variety but you have to know where you look it up cause it’s not very supported in radios or TV.
Most of the music which is supported and produced in particular for the big market unfortunately sounds like an endless commercial for life insurances.

You’re also releasing the album out as a vinyl too – do you have your own vinyl collection and if so what’s your favourite vinyl that you own? 
Yes, i’m very happy about that and i’m looking forward for the delivery. My collection is a just a small one.
But i do have some really nice records i love, yes. one of them definitely is Keith Jarrett’s „Standards live“.

What been your most memorable gig and why? 
Oh there are a few unforgettable ones, but we played at Fete de la Musique once in a small bar in Berlin doing an 8 hour set without breaks (just peeing) and without repeating.
Ok, there were some gin tonics going along with it but i think we did a good job playing renditions of Jimmy Hendricks, Aretha Franklin and Cannonball Adderley songs.

We’re all going through a pretty confusing and worrying time at the moment with COVID 19 – how can people support the music industry throughout this time? 
They should buy real Vinyls and CDs and if they can they should dispense with claims for compensations in case of ticket sales to keep all parties which are involved alive.

Andi Lins – As Long As You Stay



Twitter: @Andifins

Instagram: @listentofins


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