Gig Review : Shambolics with Adam Frame and Dogtooth @Saint Lukes

By Chelsea Ness

Two weeks ago today, Dunfermline’s Dreamy Rock n Roll band, Shambolics took to the stage to headline one of my favourite Glasgow venues, ‘Saint Lukes’ and with singer songwriter, Adam Frame and Kilbirnie indie rock band, Dogtooth also playing sets, it was definitely a top night for Scottish music.

First on was Adam Frame. Now, you may know Adam from when DMA’s front man, Tommy O’Dell joined him on stage when he playing a local pub in Glasgow. This led to a viral video of them performing DMAs songs such as ‘Lay Down’ and ‘In the Air’ – a truly remarkable experience. This was my first time seeing Adam and his band live but after just a few songs, I can understand why Tommy got on stage with him – he’s got great potential. At only, 18 years of age, it’s incredible to witness the amount of talent he brings to the stage. Adam conveys a clear professional manner that comes so naturally something which is so important in the music industry. During the set, Adam and the band performed a mix of original songs and covers. As this was my first time, hearing the musician’s own material I had no idea what to expect but as soon as I heard the addictive guitar riffs and intriguing lyrics, I was instantly a fan. The set ended with a cover of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Florescent Adolescent’, a superb choice which led to one big singalong getting the crowd going for what was yet to come. There’s no doubt after such a set that Adam will be part of bigger things to come…

Next up was Indie alternative trio, Dogtooth. Dogtooth were actually one of the first local bands I discovered through my teenage years and over the last few years they’ve became a vital part of the Glasgow music scene. This was my second time seeing them this year after witnessing their set at the legendary King Tuts in January when Carousel, the band I manage supported them. They’re a band that bring a lot to the stage and will without fail bring a big support to their gigs. When it was first announced that they would supporting Shambolics, I was thrilled for them – it looks like their starting to get the recognition they deserve. The set itself really demonstrated their unique style. They write the type of songs that you expect to hear playing on Radio X, Manchester XS and Amazing Radio – those stations that really emphasis the best indie rock talent. Their song, ‘Trying to Save You’ was a definite highlight for me. I’d actually only discovered it a few weeks prior to the gig but after a few seconds of listening to it, I was instantly hooked. It’s one of those songs, you could play on repeat and still not get bored of it. It was clear that a lot of the audience were already fans of the band as you could see people singing along to their music and their latest single, ‘Cut’ certainly went down a treat with the crowd. They ended with my own personal favourite, ‘Rebel’. I’ve been a fan of this song for years but seeing it live just brings a whole new effect. The perfect way to end a fantastically gripping set.

Before I knew it, it was time for the band of the night, Shambolics. With their huge fan base, it wasn’t a surprise that their headliner was a sell out. From signing with music legend, Alan McGee, various festival appearances and to the release of their latest single, ‘Sandra Speed’, the Dunfermine four-piece have been making waves in the Scottish music scene and this Saint Luke headliner was proof the band are just going to get bigger and bigger. I actually interviewed Shambolics last year and although I had seen the band through support and festival appearances, the band said none of those type of gigs compared to their headliners. After seeing this set at Saint Lukes, I can confirm this is true. This was a performance that not only I but the band would certainly remember for years. As soon as they appeared on stage, there was an incredible atmosphere from the crowd. Shambolics create this energy on stage that totally hypes the room – people of all ages were there – dancing, singing and some even moshing! From ‘Sandra Speed, ‘My Time is Now’ and ‘Chasing a Disaster’, the set list was filled with one banger after another. There’s something about the song, ‘Chasing a Disaster’ that really shows the true quality in their songwriting. It’s a total crowd pleaser and standing in a crowd with a group of people that share the same love for music, is something so special and I feel sorry for anyone who can’t relate.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better,, Shambolics’ emphasised their creativity with two incredible covers that I definitely didn’t expect. The place erupted with their cover of ‘Better Off Alone’ – one minute you’re at a Shambolics’ gig, the next you feel you’ve taken a step back in time to a 90s rave – it was unreal! Without a doubt, one of the best covers I’ve witnessed in a live setting – some buzz. Shortly after when we all came back to reality, the band put their own spin on Fleetwood Mac’s classic, ‘The Chain’ another song that worked really well with their unique vibe. I could have listened to the band all night so was gutted when they announced their last song of the night, the ever so brilliant, ‘When She Goes Home’. It’s a song that fits so well with our generation and makes for a great singalong. I get hear a slight influence from Dundee indie rock band, The View but with Shambolics’ own dreamy rock n roll style. It was certainly the best song to end an incredible night of music.

If i don’t get to attend a gig anytime soon because of COVID 19 then I’m certainly thankful that it was the Shambolics’ headliner that was my last gig for a while. It will be one that I won’t be forgetting about anytime soon.




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Adam Frame


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