EP Review: The New Righteous Mood – A Few Righteous Tunes

By Orla Brady

Birmingham four-piece The New Righteous Mood are gearing up to release their debut EP, entitled A Few Righteous Tunes, on the 3rd of April. The EP includes four tracks: Trail of Shade, Set In Stone, lead single Sleepwalker and Supermarket Birthday Cake. The combination of tracks featured on the EP displays that the band are off to a strong start as they venture upon what will undoubtedly be a successful career. 

Earlier in the year, Trail of Shade and Supermarket Birthday Cake were released to the public and met with worthy praise from online blogs and fans. However, this EP provides a clearer insight into the genre and style that the band are aiming towards, namely alt-pop and indie, with clear rock influence shown through heavy drums and electric guitar riffs in Trail of Shade and Set in Stone.

Sleepwalker steers the EP in a slightly different direction, as the raw and heavy sound we heard previously is replaced with soft and steady rhythmic guitar. This accompanies prominent vocals and descriptive lyrics. It is a track that is reminiscent of music from artists such as Courtney Barnett and The War on Drugs, which shows that the band have the ability to incorporate their influences into their sound whilst simultaneously introducing and maintaining their own personality and style. 

The final track, Supermarket Birthday Cake, is arguably the most memorable track on the EP due to the strength of its chorus and the way in which it provides the musicians with a platform to display each of their skills. It also succeeds in concluding the EP as it is a track that will stick in the memory of each listener and draw them back for more as the band’s career develops. 


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