Single Review: Leif Coffield – Monsta-San

By Myrren Porter

Released last Friday by South Lanarkshire local Leif Coffield, Monsta-San has been described by the
singer songwriter as his most ambitious track to date and after hearing this single you will understand.

The track consists of a magnitude of elements which contribute to the edgy sound of the single
overall. Coffield features various pitched vocals and lyrics which allow for harmonies which are
somewhat eerie yet extremely complimentary to the songs inclusive sound.

Monsta-San is a track you would happily put on your everyday playlist.

The intro to the single is completely contradictory to the songs entirety, it sets out the initial gothic
vibe for the listener to then be greeted with lyrics that although deal with difficult concepts, sound
quite chirpy accompanied by melodies that contribute to this more upbeat sound.

Leif Coffield is described as one of the most unique aspiring Scottish artists around at the moment
and I think this is down to the uniqueness of his sound, I find it extremely clever how the artist
manages to create a song that has so many intricate elements including off-beats and plentiful

The 24-year-old has produced a track that offers a fresh new sound to the music scene and he has
plans to continue to produce songs throughout the year, leading up to the release of an EP. Coffield
offers a quirky take on electro-pop with a gothic spin, which surprisingly works well and alludes to a
new sound which I’m sure will be popular across the country.

If you haven’t already, I would give Monsta-San a listen below now…


Twitter: @LeifCoffield

Instagram: @Leifcoffield

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