Single Review: Kai McAvoy | Joe

By Ryan McConnell

Motherwell musician Kai McAvoy is back with just his second release to date, and comes as likely one of the most heartfelt songs the 17 year old will pen. Titled ‘Joe’ the song touches on the relationship between Kai and his late uncle who was evidently a big influence in the young singers life.

Mentioning in one part to how his uncle was his biggest fan you can really hear why with such a voice that for myself is reminiscent a bit of both Paolo Nutini and Swedish musician The Tallest Man On Earth.

With both his voice and his ability to play and write music Kai seems to use it as a great vehicle for expressing himself which really comes across in not only this single but his previous release ’12 Minutes’. Whether you play or write music yourself, or are just a music lover I think we can all agree that it is a great outlet in general for both the musician and listener.

Have a listen to the single below.

With not a lot going on by way of gigs with the country on lock down hopefully we can expect more releases in the near future from the teenager.

Keep up to date with what the young musician is doing below.

TWITTER: @KaiMcavoy

FACEBOOK: @kaimcavoy

INSTAGRAM: @kaimcavoy

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