Gig Review: A Night For Scott

In the ever-looming shadow of the forthcoming global pandemic reaching the UK, we were treated to a highly emotional and incredibly moving night of music in memory of the late and great Scott Hutchison in the Craigpark Master Snooker Club in Glasgow. Before a time of frenzied panic buying and uncertainty, all of life’s worries and woes were forgotten for three hours of beautiful music written by Scott and performed by nine different acts, including the host and organiser of the evening, Calum Frame.

Calum teamed up with the team in the Dennistoun cafe SCRAN to put on a night not only in memory of Scott, but to raise money for the mental health charity Tiny Changes. By the time last order were called the event had raised over £1000 for the charity.

Andy Lucas opened the night, taking to the stage to show off his warm and inviting vocals as her performed his version of ‘Get Out’. Perhaps this was the best and only way the night could have began as an upbeat track such as this really reflected the overall tone of the night. Although the heightened emotions on a night in memory of a musician who’s music had such a significant impact on everyone on the room, the overall mood of the night was positive and generally happy. Andy’s cover definitely did the track justice and he did a great job getting the packed room ready for a night of Scott’s music.

Following Andy was Owen Fyfe covering ‘Head Rolls Off’ which kept the spirits high as the song is also an upbeat feel-good track. As well as this, this performance perhaps had the most relevance of all for the night as the track includes the lyrics which inspired the Hutchison family to name the charity Tiny Changes after the tragic passing of Scott.

“While i’m alive, i’ll make tiny changes to earth”

Owen was one of the first of the evening to have audience members singing, likely due to how widely popular this song has always been amongst Frightened Rabbit fans, making this one of the more memorable performances of the evening.

The absolute stand out performance of the entire evening, in my opinion, came at the hands of Nico, a Belgian guitar player based here in Glasgow. His instrumental cover of ‘Die Like A Rich Boy’ was magical, beautiful and emotional. A total juxtaposition to the covers which preceded, Nico managed to capture the whole room in silent awe and left this humble writer with a lump in his throat.

Following on from Nico’s truly beautiful performance was Colin Hunter with his rendition of ‘I Wish I Was Sober’. A complete atmospherical shift from the previous form, the room came back to life with this version of the popular Frightened Rabbit song. Colin’s harsh yet inviting Glasgow accent shone through in this performance, which made this cover quite unique and different from the lighter and smoother tones of Hutchison.

‘Escape Route’ was the next cover song on the bill and it was taken on by the first female act of the night. Gaspin Bapeer’s Joni Mitchell-esque resonated well with the audience and felt almost comforting to listen to as she stripped the song back from it’s usual heavier guitar based sound to just her clean toned guitar and her afore-mentioned vocal style.

The tone of the night continued on from one slower song to another as I took to the stage to perform ‘Poke’. As a reviewer it wouldn’t be right for me to comment on my own performance as I have done for the other artists on this review. I can simply say that it was an honour to be a part of a night in memory of a musician I look up to and take inspiration from in my own song writing and to help raise funds for a cause my heart is truly behind. It’s safe to say I was seriously nervous before getting on stage as I really wanted to do justice of the song. Let’s hope I did Scott proud.

Once I had finished, the stage was graced with the presence of John Condron. Joh began his set with a very heartfelt speech about his relationship with Scott and his music before playing a personal favourite Frightened Rabbit track of mine ‘Old Old Fashioned’. This performance was absolutely brilliant. John had the whole room singing along with this passionate performance of the classic song.

The second female fronted act of the night was the penultimate performance of the evening. Freya & Alex were next as they seemingly covered ‘Good Arms vs Bad Arms’ with complete ease. Freya’s voice was suited to this song in a way I would never have expected. Freya showed the audience that this could be sung in a much more softer and calmer way which contrasted the frustrated and passionate delivery Hutchison gave the track. It goes without saying that this performance was absolutely stunning.

Finally, Calum Frame would head the night up with a simply stunning version of My Backwards Walk. His complete passion for the song shone bright in this track and he effortlessly had the crowd singing along. His simply unique voice gave and a delivery which sounded near improvised in the best kind of way really gave an interesting twist on this song and showcased Calum’s talent extremely well. This was the perfect way to end a very special night.

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For more information on the Tiny Changes Charity visit:

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