ALBUM REVIEW: Connor Fyfe – Don’t

Up until now, I have been only writing song reviews and to be honest, I really wasn’t sure I wanted to write about albums because then you have to listen to all the songs, hope you like them, pick out your faves, try to say something nice about the ones you don’t like.  Be polite.  Be encouraging.  

This was not an issue at  ALL with Connor Fyfe’s startlingly great album *Don’t*.  OMG – there is no way he’s only 13.  I’m packing up my songwriting pen and going home.

I am known for being straightforward – I always try to find something positive to say no matter what but I don’t exaggerate or flatter or say what I don’t mean.  

This artist has got “it”.  From the first song to the last on *Don’t*, you don’t want to miss a single bit of any one of his songs.  They are all so different – not in a chaotic way but in a truly creative and brilliant arrangement kind of way.  

There are only so many notes & combination of notes to create melodies so to a certain degree they are right when they say melodies are finite.  But for arrangements, the sky’s the limit deciding which instruments, what are they going to play, how are they going to play during the verse, during the chorus, intro, extra, bridge.  Truly endless possibilities.

But not everyone takes a jog off the beaten track to musically take it somewhere else. To stop in odd spots; pick it up, slow it down; let the notes hang at the end. And still feel like it’s an “album” – there’s a feel to an album that artists strive for.

Fyfe’s album is everything that it is hyped up to be – and more.  He’s got sophisticated melodies with great lyrics masterfully sung.  Impressive voice, great guitar skills.

Never mind focussing on his age – his huge talent holds its own.  

The title track *Don’t* is one of my faves on this album.  Guitar hook, talented band, really really great vocals.  In *War* , I like his lyrics:  “Don’t give them a light/Don’t you know that they’ll blind you/Don’t give them a key/They’ll just try to unwind you”.  And the hypnotic repeat of “I’ll fight the war” from soft to loud and persistent with snare drum beating sweeps your senses away.

I am a HUGE – no make that mega huge – fan of  The Proclaimers and for some reason I thought of them in this song.  His voice made me think of Freddy Mercury, too – yes, that kind of big talent voice.

*Key* will make the girls swoon. Full stop. “You hold the key” – interesting note bending with his voice.  Good chops for sure.

*Sorry* lulled into believing him that he was sorry and sincere and then….he takes it up a notch and now somehow it sounds like he’s yelling and he’s had it and that’s it, it’s over.  Well done – you took me for a ride with this one.

*Outside* has a great rhythm and I especially like the drum part before the rhythm returns to its groove to the end of the song.  A really tight band.  Really appreciating this great band.

“Be who you wanna be/See what you wanna see/Especially when you’re with me

That’s what I wanna be /That’s what I want see/It’s what I believe could happen between you and me

You and meeeeeeeeee

Another interesting ending to a song.  Leaves me wanting to hear what the next one will be.

*Forget* keeps your attention focussed right to the very end with yet another interesting way to end a song.

*Struck* has a harmonica!  I am partial to harmonicas as that was my Dad’s instrument.  To be honest, this was not one of my fave songs but I do admire the clever arrangement and laughed at the last chord – OMG -haha!

*Leaving* was what I was hoping the last song would be – beautiful intro, gorgeous voice , sparse arrangement leaving a lot of room around the vocals & the song.  Well done.

Have to go now.  I need to hear this album all over again.  Hear it for yourself here:





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