Single Review – Cayley Thomas | Two Minds

By Gary Schwind

No matter what style of music you prefer, you know that some artists are practically beyond compare simply because they are unique. Joni Mitchell is one of those artists. There just aren’t a lot of artists like her. Still sometimes the comparison is apt no matter how unique an artist is.

Cayley Thomas – Photo Credit: Michael Kuby

Enter Cayley Thomas, a singer-songwriter from Edmonton who has just released a new single entitled “Two Minds” from her upcoming album How Else Can I Tell You?

In the intro, you hear some easygoing guitars and a rhythm that leans toward jazz. Granted the guitar part in the intro isn’t quite as folky as Joni Mitchell, but it is pretty muted both in tone and mood. After the intro when you hear Thomas’s vocals, you can’t help but think about Mitchell. She has a similar lilting tone, and her voice never strains – even when she hits the higher notes. It’s a real treat to hear how her vocals meld with the rhythm and the melody rounded out by piano and trumpet.

Check out Cayley’s other single, Blue Jean Baby…

Thomas makes it seem easy with this song, which is funny because she said this song is “about all the negotiation and mental drama that the primitive part of my brain likes to produce when faced with a challenge. It is fair to say that she effectively navigated any inner drama when she created this song that is  perfect to enjoy with your coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. “Two Minds” is available on Bandcamp. How Else Can I Tell You? Will be available on May 1.

The Band:

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Piano / Percussion – Cayley Thomas
12 String Guitar – Connor Snell
Baritone Guitar – Evan Ushenko
Bass – Peter Masson
Drums – Eli Browning
Horns – Julia Knight & Kyle Newmaster





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