An Interview with The Tennessee Werewolves

By Chelsea Ness

This week, I caught up with Tennessee Country band, The Tennessee Werewolves to discuss the Nashville music scene, their latest album, ‘America Dream’ and what it was like opening up for Puddle of Mud in LA….

Firstly introduce the band and tell me an interesting fact about each member…

Angel Mary the lead singer and the wild card in the pack….never know what she will
say…dated Ryan Gosling
Christian Wolf drummer and vocals brings the party and the laughs…studied at Lee Strasberg
in NYC
Antoine Wolf Bass and vocals, the Father of the Wolfpack, ran an inner-city youth group for
several years.

How did The Tennessee Werewolves form?
The band formed organically because they’re family and it kind of just happened.

Who were your musical influences growing up?
Musical influence runs from Johnny Cash, Motley Crue, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd to Frank

You released the album, ‘American Dream’ in 2018, what was the influence behind the

American Dream album started with some songs we already wrote and fans wanted a full album
and we ended up writing several tracks in the studio that have the western outlaw sound.

Do you guys have a particular structure for writing the music?
We all bring something into the writing, it’s different each time with one of us having a hook and
another having a Melody. I guess because we’re family the writing comes easier.

What’s been your favourite show that you’ve performed live?
Favorite show so far is opening for Puddle of Mudd out in Los Angeles.

How would you describe the Nashville country Music scene?
The Nashville Country music scene right now is very narrow-minded from our point of view…
everything sounds the same with a clap and a snap sound in every song. It seems most of the
newer country artists probably want to be Pop Stars….

What can fans seeing Tennessee Werewolves for the first time expect?
Fans catching a Tennessee Werewolves show should be ready for a good time and to hear real
original music.

The Music Files Blog is based in Glasgow, Scotland – who are your favourite Scottish

Red Hot Chilli Piper’s are cool.

What advice would you give to bands/musicians who are just starting out in the
music industry?

Our advice to new bands would be to be true true to themselves and don’t try copying a trend….and have a good time!



Twitter: @TNwerewolves

Instagram: @tennesseewerewolves

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