Single Review: Fauves – Bathe

By Orla Brady

Since forming in 2017, success has not been in short supply for Scottish five-piece Fauves. Their debut EP, ‘Les Fauves‘, released in 2018, was met with impressive critical acclaim. A combination of frequent gigging and prolific singles over the last two years has earned the band their place as a staple of the Glasgow indie scene. They have even been featured on several Spotify playlists such as: New Alternative, Dream Pop, The Indie List and New Music Friday, deservingly opening their music up to a wider, global audience. 

2020 has welcomed an elevated sound from the band with their new single Bathe. The track displays that Fauves are growing creatively and sonically at a very fast rate, and are clearly a group of very talented musicians and lyricists. In Bathe, Fauves embark on a seven minute venture of colourful, dream-like and hypnotic sound (reflective of the 20th century art movement Fauvism from which the band’s name is taken), which is expanded by a euphoric chorus and seductive vocals. The track is build on layers, with each instrument providing a prominent ingredient to the track and when brought together, they build a successful, and powerful, melange of sound.

Considering the standard of Fauves previous releases over the last three years, it is no surprise that Bathe is as impressive as it is. Fauves understand their musical strengths and have exploited them in order to produce a high standard of music, and Bathe is no exception. Success will certainly continue to follow the band if they maintain this level in future releases and live performances. 



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Instagram: @fauvesband

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