Glaswegian singer songwriter, Hannah Slavin has just released the video for her latest single, ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck About You’ and it’s definitely the ultimate ‘fuck you’ song we all need in our lives.

The video, which was released on Sunday aka International Women’s Day, was produced by a full female production team. Considering the gender inequality issues surrounding the music industry at the moment, this is incredibly exciting. The one thing I’ve noticed about working within the industry is the huge support network from other females in the industry which is clear in regards to the ‘IDGAFAY’ video. It’s so important to combat these inequalities and to give women a fairer representation in the music scene. This was a particularly special moment for Hannah as this is the first 100% female production team that she’s been involved in!

When I first listened to the song itself I was instantly hooked. It’s the type of song that makes you feel some sort of empowerment after going through heartbreak. Think Dua Lipa meets Halsey. Hannah writes the songs that are essential when going through a break up. It’s a self-care song focused on finally letting go of that toxic ex. The song focuses on the realisation that the relationship wasn’t healthy and you no longer want/ need this person in your life. Personally for me, it can be one of the best feelings ever – It’s the self-control of getting over that one person you never thought you would. All women need a song that makes us feel strong, inspired and independentHannah Slavin creates this instantly… a real icon for women all over the world.

Watch the video here…

With over 5000 streams on Spotify already, it’s clear I’m not the only person who can totally relate to it. This was the first song I’d listened to by Hannah and seeing how much of an impact this song has on me, I can’t wait to have a listen to her other material. The perfect girl power track.



Twitter: @HannahSlavin__

Instagram: @hannahslavin

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