An Interview with Dutch Criminal Record

This week we caught up with South Coast Indie Surf band, Dutch Criminal Record to find out more about their music, what we can expect from their Spring tour and how it felt when their music got added to the United States Viral Top 50…

  1. You are a south coast indie surf band from Portsmouth, how would you describe the music scene in Portsmouth? The Portsmouth scene has really taken off in the last few years which is great, there’s loads of amazing artists coming through and also increasing platforms for them to perform at. Icebreaker Festival kicks the year off at local venues in the winter and summer events such as Golden Touch and obviously Victorious Festival are really putting it on the map.

2. The band are off in their Spring UK tour starting on Monday (9th March). Some of the dates include Liverpool, Newcastle, Bristol and Manchester – what can fans who have bought tickets expect from the shows? We’re really excited to head North to play music for the first time! The shows are going to be very energetic lots of fast paced tunes but also hopefully a few surprises…

3. You were added to United States Viral Top 50…what a great achievement! How does it feel to get your music played from all over the world? It’s an amazing feeling knowing people all over the world are listening to you right at this moment, it is something unsigned bands could have happen to them in the past, the internet obviously changing that! Ending up on the US Viral 50 after one of our tracks got featured in Fresh Finds was crazy though as literally out of nowhere we had loads of fans especially in America haha!

The guys are going on tour soon…
  1. What local musicians are you currently listening to that you would recommend The Music Files to listen to? Our friends Flowvers are from Portsmouth and they’re ripping it up at the minute, out on their spring tour so check them out for sure. The Reminders from Southampton who are a surf punk outfit and they’re brilliant. Also our Brighton based pals, Lobster Pot are ones to watch.
  1. Let’s talk about your music… your latest single, ‘Vinnetrow Road’ was released last year… what was the influence behind the lyrics? The lyrics for Vinnetrow Road have a number of themes but basically it’s about, never being able to switch off because of technology or other pressures but the importance of having a “Vinnetrow Road” a place you can go to and chill out!
  1. Our website is based in Scotland, do you have any future plans to come and play here? Yes we really want to come to Scotland, we weren’t able to sort something for this tour however looking towards the Autumn it’s an exciting possibility!
  2. What advice would you give to musicians who are just starting in the industry? Write music that means something to you and that you like and are proud of, don’t give up and don’t get discouraged if things don’t come off or you aren’t getting any attention just keep going!
  1. What are DCR’s aims and ambitions for the band for the rest of 2020? We have new music on the way in the next couple of months, hopefully a busy summer of festivals and then another tour in the autumn is the plan.



Twitter: _DCR_official

Instagram: @DutchCriminalRecord

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