An Interview with Connor Fyfe

This week, we caught up with thirteen year old singer songwriter, Connor Fyfe to chat about his debut album, selling out his headliner gig at Room 2 and supporting The Snuts in Motherwell! Have a read below to find out more…

1. Firstly congratulations on Saturday’s sold-out debut album launch gig at Room how does it feel to sell out such a great venue? Well it was a great gig thanks , and it was amazing to have a sold out sticker on my own gig ! Especially in Glasgow !

2. You’re 13 years old and have been in the Scottish music scene for a while now, at what age did you discover your love for music? 
I started playing guitar when I was 8 but I didn’t really sing until I was about 10 , but as soon as I learned my first couple of songs on guitar, I knew it was what I wanted to do!

3. What advice would you give to other people your age who want to perform in the industry? Well i don’t really know I just started with open mics , which I still sometimes do and then started writing my own tunes and that’s when people start to look at you , when you have original material , so practise , get some gigs and write tunes !

Photo Credit: Martin J Windebank Photography

4. You’ve just been announced for a series of festival slots including ‘Party At The Palace’, ‘ Lindisfarne’ and ‘Vibration festival’ – what can fans who are going expect from your sets? I absolutely love festival season , favourite time of the year , but for a couple festivals this year I will be playing with a band , same band as the Album Launch and now I have an album out I will be playing some stuff from that!

5. You supported The Snuts at their Motherwell date, how was that? It was amazing to support the Snuts , I absolutely love them , they are one of my favourite bands , I have saw them 3 times and I am going to their Edinburgh gig at the Corn Exchange so I’m buzzin ! It was amazing for them to put out competitions to send them demos and they picked supports from that , and they were the nicest guys in the world as well!

6. What’s been your most memorable gig and why? I have had a lot of memorable gigs , it used to be playing the Barrowlands but now it’s the Album Launch in Room 2 , just because it was sold out and it was my original stuff so it’s amazing to hear people sing your lyrics back to you , Best feeling in the world!

Photo Credit : Martin J Windebank Photography

7. You released your latest single, ‘Leaving’ at the end of January – what was the influence behind it?I’m on social media and you get worried seeing stuff about suicide and thought how horrible it would be to leave someone not knowing if they were going to be safe or not, but it’s also a song where I know people have took their own meaning from it and that’s what I like about songwriting… how many different perspectives can be saw from your tunes, but mental health awareness was the main focus on it .

8. Who’s your favourite Scottish bands / musicians at the moment that you’d recommend? The Snuts! Mark sharp and the bicycle thieves , Luke La Volpe and Facendo Cose , all class and amazing people , definitely my favourite Scottish acts the now ! And im getting to see them all soon
9.Just gonna keep writing tunes , record some more , maybe a few singles and just get as many gigs as i can and keep busy ! 

9. What’s your aims and ambitions as a musician for the rest of the year? Just gonna keep writing tunes , record some more , maybe a few singles and just get as many gigs as I can and keep busy !



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Instagram: @Connorfyfeofficial

Photo Credit – Martin J Windebank

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