Single Review | Pretoria : Skinny Dip

Gone are the days when writing a song meant you had to “hook” them within the first 30-seconds.  No one has that kind of time anymore in this zoom zoom world where people have an attention span of about 5 seconds.

You’ve got to write a song that grabs your listener in from the first bar and then doesn’t let them go right to the very last bar.

Which leads to another rule Pretoria breaks with “Skinny Dip” – they stop their infectious gotta-dance groove right in the middle of the song!  Who does that?

Pretoria CD Cover

So, first they draw you in with their driving, hooky guitar intro.  There you are all happy and pumped  for a cool song with a great groove but then everything squeals to a halt at the bridge.

“Oh” you say to yourself – “what the”?  But you kind of get into it because it’s SO different and you decide that maybe you kind of like this part.  So you relax into it.

Pretoria 1

Then the next thing you know the song starts to tease you with a singalong part “it’s now-ow-ow-ow” and you find yourself singing “it’s now-ow-ow-ow” too.

Because you can’t help it!

And just when you think the song is over, there it is: at the end of the bridge, that cool groovy driving guitar lick is back and before you know it you are singing “oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh”.  So now you’re dancing, you’re singing and your spirit is feeling alive & energized. 

And then – bam.  It’s over.  How can a 2-minute song feel like 10 seconds?  Talk about leave a person wanting more.

Try to listen to this song only one time through.  Bet you can’t.



Nicole Mendes

Publicist // Two Story Media

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