by Ryan McConnell

I first came across DOGTOOTH back in 2015 at a local pub in my hometown of Motherwell and was hugely impressed, by a band as young, being able to engage so well with a crowd of varying age groups with covers of Stone Roses and Oasis classics amongst other well-known hits.

The band have since pushed on from the pub circuit touring their own material and have played venues such as Glasgow’s St. Luke’s and the world famous Barrowlands.

This time around it was Glasgow’s Stereo café & bar hosting the young rockers for the launch of their latest single ‘CUT’ and I was intrigued to see how the band were pushing on in 2020.

The night started with indie three-piece Last Light who got the early crowd in good spirits with their rendition of Mac DeMarco’s ‘Freaking out the Neighbourhood’.

It was then onto Airdrie’s very own Paragon who began to set the tone with a more edgier punk-styled set grabbing the attention of the room.

With the crowd now beginning to fill out, next up was Dumfries outfit The Lutras who seemed to really enjoy themselves playing such songs as their brilliant single ‘Vari’ and even garnered an encore for the chorus of their hit ‘Run and Hide’.

The stage was now set for John (lead guitar, vocals) Craig (bass guitar) and Robert (drums) to showcase their talent – and I was pleased to still see a crowd of all ages getting along to their shows.

The DOGTOOTH boys kicked things off with their single ‘Away’ before storming into the excellent ‘Trying to save you’ which, for myself, was one of the highlights of the evening (have not had it off repeat since).

There was no let up from then onward with songs ‘Don’t know Why’ and ‘Fedz’ before we got the first play of ‘CUT’ which with its pacey drum beat and soaring riff felt like some early days Arctic Monkeys.

Raw Rock N Roll for a new decade.

The set then carried on with songs ‘Money’ and ‘What For’ before finishing on arguably the lads biggest hit to date in the form of the superb ‘Rebel’.

As a live act DOGTOOTH have no shortage of experience, and each individually, as well as a trio, are fantastic musicians – do not sleep on seeing this band when they’re in town.

Keep up to date with what the band are doing here –


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