Interview with Pizza Crunch

This week, I caught up with Ewan Hearns from Glaswegian indie alternative four-piece, Pizza Crunch to discuss their music, gigging in Glasgow and of course the release of their latest single, ‘Fraud’ which just came out yesterday…

1. Let’s start by introducing the band…

Ewan Hearns (vocalist and guitar)
Nathan Stokoe (lead guitar and vocals)
Ewan Nicholson *Nico* (Drums)
Craig McDermott (Bass)

2. Where did the name come from? 

To be honest, we had a gig booked and needed a name. We were at the studio and stuck up an Instagram poll to make a decision. Nico hates it but we just wanted something that stood out.

3. How would you describe your music to first time listeners? 

Alternative/indie rock with genuine writing. Our debut single is more about the end of university and people around you growing up, but the rest of our tunes discuss other things pertinent to people our own age e.g discontent with government and being generally miserable.

Pizza Crunch

4. What were your main musical influences growing up? 

We were all varied I (Ewan) think. One thing we had in common was The Arctic Monkeys – like every band. I was into folk music, Dylan, Neil Young etc which made me more obsessed with lyrics. Nathan listened to a lot of The Stones and Orange Juice and Nico listens to all sorts, from Taylor Swift to the Stone Roses. Craig enjoyed heavier shit like Green Day and now likes similar things to the rest of us too.

5. Your debut single, fraud was released on the 21st February, what’s the influence behind it? 

I think musically the verses were inspired from early punchy Strokes songs, bit of Vaccines too. The lyrics just came from being idle after finishing uni and having no idea what to do with myself.

Their latest single, Fraud is out now

6. Who are your favourite Scottish bands that you recommend us checking out? 

We’re all obsessed with a lot of Glasgow bands. Rascalton, Gallus, Declan Welsh, Walt Disco, The Vanities. That Actual Factual tune Gallus have is one of those ones you wish you’d written yourself.

7. You’re supporting Velvet Hands at The Priory on the 28th March, what fans expect from your set? 

We just always try to be fresh. We put together three new songs for our Club Sabbath gig and always try to show people new sides to our music. Maybe we’ll add in a fun cover for this one.

8. What’s been your most memorable gig so far and why? 

We headlined Club Sabbath on Valentines Day. It was a big deal for us because we’ve been going to gigs at sabbath for years so to play in front of a full room there was special.

9. Do you guys have a specific place you go to write the lyrics for the music or is it something that just comes to you?

I tend to write the bulk of the lyrics at home on an acoustic guitar. Sometimes Nathan formulates the music first then the lyrics follow, it just depends on the song. For example I have a note in my phone that reads “racist taxi driver” and the song written around it was made for that story. Where as Nathan wrote the music for a new one called “12 Month Seasonal Depression” and I just wrote lyrics to fit afterwards.

10. What are your aims and ambitions for the band in 2020? 

All our focus is on pushing this singe release just now. We’ve recorded 3 others too and are looking to release them after we do a bit more work on them. A few little tweaks. We’ll probably record again in summer and also just keep trying to play bigger shows, maybe some festivals.

Pizza Crunch’s Social Media Links


Twitter: @PizzaCrunchband

Instagram: @pizzacrunchband

Listen to their latest single, ‘Fraud’ now…

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