Listen, I get it. The 90’s were great and Oasis are very cool and all that AND, yes it’s not
very cool to like pop music when at your “Paul Weller & Dark Fruits Vespa club” but, the
rock you’ve been cemented under isn’t as fashionable as it used to be. While being trapped, you have missed the meteoric rise of Irish-Scottish pop duo SIIGHTS. Mia Fitz & Toni Etherson are back with another pop anthem following their beautiful electro ballad, “One More”.

If “One More” was a midnight drive under the stars in first gear, “Better Now” is a shift
slightly into second to catch the sunrise.

It opens with an announcing presence in the form of a tortured, reverse guitar twinned with
some punchy tropical house style plucks which set a more hyped up but, still chilled vibe.
All before they get cruelly ripped away from you like a seagull snatching an ice cream from a
child but, it is replaced with an incredible vocal performance basking in the reverberated
howls and dazzling keyboard flutters of an understated opening verse that take a fantastic use
of trap like hi hat’s to sound like a ticking clock as the lyrics remember a time gone by.
The pre-chorus that begins building, with its doubled up, lower tone vocals and atmospheric
swells letting you know that a huge drop is on its way and, you’re getting your 99 flake back
with all the sprinkles and raspberry sauce you could ask for.

The chorus slams in with the punished squeals of overdriven pick ups once more and
compliments them with a jumping bass sound that I personally always fall in love with ever
since first hearing it on Kiiara’s “Gold”. Unlike Kiiara’s use of that sound, SIIGHTS level of
production on this cut does not mean they have to rely upon it entirely and, in fact they don’t
even have to rely on vocals at all for the first half of the chorus such is the vastness of sounds
bleeding out. Even when the vocals do return, they simply glaze the top and keep the track

The second verse again is wonderfully understated but, the production is certainly beginning
to shake its hips a bit more and all sounds represented in the chorus are still present but being
used more sparingly to incredible effect before giving them a kick for the pre-chorus and
chorus once more.

Now, I normally hate a bridge between chorus’s at the end of a song. I often refer to them as
the “self indulgent ripping the arse out it bit” but, SIIGHTS are getting a free pass on this
one. The sheer quality of the vocals and little dabs of swirling effects on added vocals and
instrumentation to once again build into a chorus that sound more manic and fired up than
the three previously heard brings an outstanding close to an outstanding track.

We have now seen gears one and two presented in SIIGHTS recent projects when not
featuring with other artists and I really hope we get to see a third when the next track presents
itself but, if we stay at this pace I will still be walking away a very happy SIIGHTS listener…



Twitter: @siightofficial

Instagram: @siights

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