Katee Kross Interview

I caught up with Country singer/songwriter, Katee Kross last week to discuss what it’s like being a country singer in Glasgow, working with Dougie Mclean and of course the release of her brand new album, ‘Show Your Hand’. Have a read at the article below to find out more…

1.  When did you discover your love for country music?
I come from a very musical background and have fond memories of huge family parties with every family member playing a different instrument. At these parties loads of different types of genres were played but the one that cropped up the most was always country. So, I would have to thanks my family for introducing country music to me. I didn’t get fully into country until I started to listen to the legend that is Dolly Parton. I love everything about here music to the tone and range of her vocals, the amazing country licks and of course the outstanding talent she’s got of perfectly telling a story through song.

2. How would you describe your music to new listeners?
I would describe myself as a country/Americana singer songwriter but not your typical country genre. In today’s music world country has completely exploded and now the genre is not so pigeonholed into being just a hoedown throwdown type of music. I would also describe myself as a west coast kind of country/Americana meaning that it’s a bit rocky, rough round the edges and tell it like it is kind of music.

On the Germany Tour

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3. You recently released your latest single ‘Show Your Hand’ – What was the influence behind the music?
The story behind ‘Show Your Hand’ goes a bit like this. It’s based on someone who’s got a few secrets to hide and might have lived a slightly darker kind of life before. They’re trying their best to conceal this and carve out a new more positive life for themselves, but their demons that hide in the shadows keep trying to drag them back into the darkness.

4. The single recently got played on Radio Hagen in Germany- How does it feel to hear your music getting played outside of the UK?
It’s completely mind blowing that my brand new single has received airplay not only on amazing radio stations here in the UK like ‘Country Hits Radio’ but also in Germany! I’m so proud of what the single has done and will continue to do in the next few months. I am also extremely excited to head back to Germany this July for our tour it’s going to be awesome.

5.  The album launch for ‘Show Your Hand’ is on the 22nd February at Webster’s theatre in Glasgow – What can fans expect from the show?
Everyone attending my album launch can expect a more hands on type of experience as it is a more intimate venue. I’ll be diving deep into the stories and thoughts behind all the new tracks and giving everyone a backstage kind of experience to the songs. In the middle of the show my full band will break down to just an acoustic setup for few tracks and in this section, it will give the audience a chance for a Q&A. They can ask me anything! We also have the outstanding ‘Nicol and Elliott’ opening the night for us which I’m very looking forward to because these guys are insanely talented. For everyone that buys a ticket to the album launch they will also be entered into a free draw to be in with a chance of winning a free test press of the album. There are only two of these test presses available in the whole world, I’m treating it like a special thanks to everyone who’s supported me this far.

6.  You’re a country singer songwriter from Glasgow, how would you describe the Glasgow country music scene?
Glasgow’s country music scene has definitely grown hugely in the last few years since country has became cool. It’s a scene in Glasgow that feel very much like a huge family. Everyone involved in it are so supportive and honestly wanting you to achieve all your hopes and dream. All the musicians are in it together, because we’re stronger as a team rather than just being on your lonesome.

Katee Kross supporting William Michael Morgan in Glasgow. Picture by Drew Burnett

7.  You’ve worked with Dougie MacLean before and played at his festival – was he a main musical influence growing up?
Dougie was for sure one of my biggest influences growing up alongside others such as Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, Sugarland, Dixie Chicks, Kacey Musgraves, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Rollin’ Stones, Slade, Karine Polwart, Findlay Napier and of course Sea Sick Steve (I could go on for a fortnight). I have had the huge privilege of playing with many of these people and every time that I play alongside a great they always take the time to show their support and give their feedback which for an independent unsigned artist it’s a huge leg up. But Dougie MacLean was definitely a very early influence because of his ability to not only write an extraordinary song but to also be a hugely respected storyteller at the same time.

8. What’s your favourite venue in Scotland to play and why?
My favourite venue in Glasgow hands down has to be Kelvin Grove Bandstand which I was extremely lucky to play on when I opened for Seasick Steve. Who is just the most amazing down to earth guy you’ll ever meet. I think it’s my favourite venue because of all the amazing memories I have of it because of Steve. But also, because I live in Scotland and we don’t always get the chance to have an open-air concert so when that chance arises it is very special.


9.  If you could play any festival in the world, where would it be and why?
This one isn’t really a festival, but I would absolutely love to play on the Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville. I mean I have played the Grand Ole Opry in Glasgow but it’s not quite the same. It would be amazing to head over to Nashville to play that stage and be listed in amongst the absolute greats of country.

10. What’s your aims and ambitions as a musician in 2020?

My aims are to increase my profile as an artist throughout the UK, to have a very successful tour in Germany in July and to also start the writing process for album number 5. The main one for me is to continue to play music and make a living out of the thing I love the most.

Katee Kross’s Social Media Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KateeKross/

Twitter: @KateeKross

Instagram: @KateeKross

Event Link for Katee’s album launch


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