Interview with Lisa Kowalski

This week I caught up with the wonderful Lisa Kowalski, a singer/songwriter from Paisley who has recently released her latest single, ‘No More Time’. Have a read below to find out more about Lisa’s music influences, her writing techniques and her thoughts on the Scottish music industry…

Photo Credit: Sam Morris

1. How would you describe your music to first time listeners?

I would describe it as honest, relatable, heartfelt pop songs with influences of folk and country.

2. When did you first discover your love for music?

I don’t think there was necessarily one certain moment, I think it has always just been in my blood and been a huge part of me. From a young age, I always liked to take part in the talent shows at school, sing songs for my mum and I just always really appreciated music. I think the moment I realised it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life is when I got my first guitar at 13 years old. I picked it up, looked at chords online, wrote my first song and I never looked back since.

3. Who were your musical influences growing up?

I never thought the music I listened to growing up influenced me much because a lot of the times my parents played mainstream radio. But I’ve found there are a few artists they played that I really love the music of – Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, John Denver. So, although the chart music and occasional Metallica never influenced me, there were a lot of incredible artists included in there that I really look up to.

Photo Credit: Sam Morris

4. How would you describe the Scottish music scene in 3 words?

That’s a tough one as all the music scenes are different – Paisley and Glasgow are very close but I would still use very different words to describe the music scenes of them both. I don’t think the whole Scottish music scene can really be generalised but for Paisley I would say welcoming, supportive and INSANELY talented.

5. You recently released your latest single, ‘No More Time’ – what’s been the general reaction?

The general reaction has been incredible!! I let close friends and family hear it before it was out and they all loved it but I was scared they were biased – but after we released it to radio stations and magazines the feedback was so so lovely. It was played on BBC Scotland by Roddy Hart and made Track of the Week by Jim Gellatly which is such a lovely thing to happen when you pour everything, both emotionally and physically, into a song.

6. What was the influence behind it?

The influence behind it was a very mentally abusive relationship. I was being manipulated a lot into staying but only when it was convenient or for when they decided they wanted me. “I Do”, my single before No More Time, shows the sadder part of dealing with the emotional games while the new single was wrote when I decided I’d have enough and I deserved better so it’s a very important song to me as it marks a very empowering and important moment for me in my life.

7. Do you have a particular place you go to write music?

Writing happens very randomly for me so I can write a song absolutely anywhere. Obviously I’m not singing melodies and playing guitar in cafes or anything like that, but the lyrics always come to me without me expecting it, so songs usually start while I’m out and get finished in my bedroom on one of my guitars or keyboard.

8. What Scottish artists are you currently listening to that you would recommend us checking out? Liv Dawn, Anna Sweeney, Kohla, Kleopatra, SMUT (not currently on spotify but she’s killer live and will have stuff out this year!), Scarlett Randle, Lo Rays, The Vegan Leather, Bobby Kakouris, Jordan Stewart, Gus Harrower. I know it’s probably likely to only name 3 or 4 but there is far too much talent in Scotland for limiting it to that!!

9. What’s the most memorable gig you’ve played and why?

As of right now, my single launch on the 31st January at CC’s Paisley this year. It was such a special night for me. It was my last gig in Scotland before moving to The Netherlands to study, my last gig as a 19-year-old and my first time playing my electric guitar live! So many people who have been supporting me for years were there, as well as good friends and it was just the perfect way for me to say goodbye to Scotland for a little while.

10. What are your aims and ambitions as an musician in 2020?

I’d love to play some new venues and cities!! I feel I’ve played a lot of the same places over the past few years so it would be really fun to explore some new places and see where it takes me. I also hope to record an EP as I have SO many songs I’m dying for everyone to hear so it would be so lovely to have more music out by the end of the year.

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