E.P Review | Craig-Russell Horne – Restoration

The E.P we’ve all been waiting for is finally here!

Independent Electronic singer songwriter and producer, Craig-Russell Horne only released ‘Restoration’ last week and already it’s received over 3000 streams… this is just the start of what’s to come for the Glaswegian musician.

Photographer: Blair Burnett

The E.P is four tracks long of electronic-pop brilliance. Each song has it’s own unique feel which demonstrates the variety in Craig’s songwriting ability. The first track, ‘Sleepwalking’ introduces the song with a brief audio clip taken from 50s American crime movie, ‘The Big Combo’ that naturally flows into the addictive synth that intertwines throughout. You can hear the soft Scottish twang in Craig’s vocals that collides flawlessly with the mellow electronic beat. ‘Sleepwalking’ creates a more chilled-out vibe compared to the rest of the E.P making it the ideal opener for listeners.

I utterly adore the next track on the E.P, ‘This Aint Love’. I actually first heard the song when it was released as a single back in October last year and admittedly have had it on repeat since. With a influence from The 1975, the song definitely highlights more of a pop vibe compared to the rest of Craig’s music but it totally works. Now, I’m a huge lyric fan when it comes to music and the lyrics behind ‘This Aint Love’ really grip me. He really captures the raw emotions in his lyrics: ‘Sometimes I get caught up on whose right, you know me I don’t want you to cry, you know my heart beats within you and your energy flows through me too.‘ Everyone has different thoughts and reasons why they take certain ideas/ influences from a song and for me , ‘This Aint Love’ makes me think of a new relationship. That excitement and passion that starts when you first meet someone you could potentially fall for. The honeymoon stage where everything feels so real and so fresh. Now, I could be completely wrong with that ideology but that’s what comes to mind when I listen to the song. It instantly fills me with happiness and regardless what you take from ‘This Aint Love’, it will inevitably make you feel something.

‘Caught In The Rain’ is the third track and the song I look most forward to seeing live if Craig ever goes on tour. From start to finish, it’s just the ultimate banger. From the get-go, the high pitched synth contrasts perfectly with Craig’s vocals alongside the hypnotising fast pace tempo. It’s the type of song that puts you in the mood for a night out. With the Rhythmic beat pumping throughout, it’s impossible to stand still while listening. ‘Caught In The Rain’ is incredibly unique to anything I’ve heard before in the Glasgow music scene which just makes it that more exciting!

The final song ‘Control’ ends Restoration with a bang. With the variety of different melodies playing throughout, ‘Control’ really emphasises Craig’s talent in music production and continuously keeps the listener engaged. It’s the ultimate feel-good track that will automatically put a smile on your face as soon as you hear it for the first time. The perfect ending that undoubtedly leaves fans wanting more…

In a recent interview, I did with Craig he stated that his music doesn’t really have a genre and a lot of it is free-flowing, after listening to Restoration I totally get what he means. Each track highlight’s Craig’s creativity in different ways. I think it’s so important for a musician to explore different types of genres when writing and this E.P certainly achieves that. I can only imagine the time, talent and effort that’s went into producing ‘Restoration’ but it’s clear the dedication has been worth it. The initial reaction has been incredible and I’m so excited to see what’s to come for Craig. A definite one to watch this year…

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Have a listen to Restoration now…

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