Interview with Jack Gill

This week, I caught up with Jack Gill, an up and coming singer/songwriter from Liverpool. We chat about the Liverpool Music Scene, his most memorable gig and of course the release of his brand new E.P, ‘One Day’. Find out more below…

1. How would you describe your music to first time listeners? 

I’d day the best way to describe my music is it’s music for the normal person. The normal person who gets up and goes to work every day in a job they might not necessarily enjoy and have dreams and aspirations of being somewhere different to where they are now.

2. Who were your musical influences growing up? 

I was a 90s kid so my early memories of music was the Britpop era, the likes of Oasis, Verve  and Cast. Some of my favourite bands in there who massively shaped my sound. Being from Liverpool I know it’s a bit cliché to say the Beatles but they are probably the greatest band of all time, I especially love the early Mersey beat stuff, a lot of people write it off as simple/easy pop but if you listen closely to the harmonies they are phenomenal. My biggest influence though music wise I’d have to say is my Dad. Growing up all I remember from family party’s is him getting his guitar out and seeing how that made people sing, laugh and shout I knew it was something I wanted to do eventually.

3. You released your latest single, ‘One Day’ at the start of the year… what’s been the general reaction? 

The general reaction has been great! It’s doing well on the streaming platforms and the overall response has been brilliant. There is a video on my Instagram from a gig I played at the end of January where the whole room were singing along which was sound! So yes overall, really happy with the response.

4. What’s the influence behind the song, ‘Take Me There’ 

The main influences for ‘Take me There’ is a bit of a funny backstory. When I was booked to play first gig it was only a 20 minute slot so I was like I need to get like an array of different songs together so it doesn’t all sound the same. So I had Sky High, which in due to be released later this year, that was my sing-along uplifting one, I had a songs called This is Your Life and I Want it All that were the sort of fight on through and get yourself going songs so all I was missing was the love song! So was listening to the likes of verve sonnet, oasis songbird & some of Lennon’s solo stuff and came up with ‘Take Me There’. It’s a bit of a homage to all of those as well as my wonderful other half of course!

5. Liverpool is famous for it’s incredible music scene – how would you describe it in 3 words? 

I’d say Big, Bold and Ready. And when I say Ready I mean ready to take over! So much upcoming talent coming from Liverpool at the moment.

6. Who are your current favourite bands / musicians from Liverpool?

There’s a lot choose from at the minute, you’ve got the likes of Red Rum Club and Jamie Webster smashing it and selling out gigs and Bands like Rats, The Sway and The Kairos doing bits as well. But a band called Columbia are the ones for me at the minute, and not just because they’re me mates! They’ve got a new single out called This Life out now which is a banger so if you haven’t had a listen get on it!

7.   What’s been the most memorable gig you’ve played? 

My last gig at EBGBS was brilliant as that was my first headline show so everybody was there to see me and there was different groups of mates, family and random heads all singing along to my songs which was great! But you never forget your first Gig which was in Phase One Liverpool, some great acts have played there in the past and it was brilliant to get up there and just have a go, I was shitting myself but Loved it and it basically set me up for where I am now.

Photo Credit to D. Taylor Photography

8.  You’re playing at Hebbie Jeebies on Saturday 15th Feb – what can fans expect from the set? 

This Is one I’m really looking forward to as it’s a bit different from the normal gigs I play. It’s an acoustic sessions gig, so you just get bands and artists playing some nice chilled out sets. It’s got that Live Lounge feel too it if you get what I’m saying.

9.  If you could play any festival in the world, where would it be and why? 

It would have to be Glasto wouldn’t it! Pyramid stage as the suns setting, thousands of people singing along with you. Nothing beats that.

10. What are your aims and ambitions for 2020 as a musician? 

Aims and ambitions for 2020 are to just carry on this momentum I’ve got going at the minute. I’ve got another three releases planned for spring, summer & autumn called Sky High, Our Time and Reminisce. I’ve got a gig calendar that keeps on growing as well so my plan is to keep at it!

Jack’s latest single release, ‘One Day’

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Instagram: @Jackgillmusic

Twitter: @JackGillMusic1

Photo Credit to D. Taylor Photography

Instagram: @dataylorphotos

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