Jamie Strachan Interview

This week I caught up with Glaswegian Indie/ folk singer songwriter, Jame Strachan to discuss his latest release of ‘Maybe There’s More To This’, his favourite Glasgow bands and upcoming shows… have a read below to find out more…

1. When did you discover your love for music?

I first discovered my love for music when I was in really young, my dad would be listening to older bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors etc and that caught me by surprise but me finding out what i loved for myself was when I was giving a bunch of Green Day CDs and that completely blew my mind.

2. Who were your musical influences growing up?

Growing up my influences were Tom Delonge & Billie Joe Armstrong, I loved there guitar playing skills, and general stage presence.

3. You recently released a demo on YouTube of your latest release ‘Maybe There’s More Than This’ – what was the influence behind it? 

The influence behind the demo was just about someone going through a really dark time, stuck in a hole, looking for some daylight, hoping things start to turn around and feel better and telling themselves “Maybe There’s More Than This”? 

4. What’s your favourite song to perform live and why?

My favourite song to perform live is a cover by Frightened Rabbit, the song is called Holy and I just feel each word deep inside, I can relate a lot to the song. 

5. Your based in Glasgow… what our Glaswegian bands / musicians would you recommend checking out? 
The Glasgow scene in booming with fantastic bands right now and singer-songwriters, I’d recommend Facendo Cose, a great bunch of boys performing soul/funk, lots of energy performing live, so I’d check them out on all major platforms also young Connor Fyfe, the boy will blow your mind, bags of talent, releasing his own music and is only 13, he’ll go very far and he only gets better and better. 

6. Your playing ‘What’s The Noise – ‘Big Bands with Big Sounds’ next March – what can fans expect from the gig? 

People can expect a bunch of bands, different sounds. I’m the only solo act on the bill but I’ll be performing new songs, I’ve got two I’ll perform that are new (including Maybe There’s More Than This) and another bunch of songs that I’ve written with the odd cover added in. It’ll be a great night, I’m excited to get back on stage.

7. If you could play any festival in the world, where would it be and why?

Well the festival is no more but my dream was to play at T in the Park, simply because it was my favourite festival, despite the bad weather and mud you and your pals had a great weekend and I’m gutted it’s gone for good. 

8. How would you describe the Scottish music scene?

I think it’s going good, it’s only getting better. You’ve got a bunch of good bands from different places in Scotland making a lot of noise, different styles and getting themselves out there and it can only get better for the Scottish scene.

What are your aims and ambitious as a musician for 2020?

Just to release my debut EP because I’ve wrote a lot of songs and I’m happy with them, now is just about getting them recorded and out to the world, I’m aiming to  play gigs anywhere and everywhere, supporting local bands etc, I quite enjoyed my experiences playing in Edinburgh and Fife so performing outside of Glasgow helps with my confidence because it’s a different challenge from playing in your hometown to familiar faces. 

‘Maybe There’s More Than This’ Demo Video

Jamie Strachan’s latest video release ‘Maybe There’s More To This’

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Instagram @jamiestrachanofficial

Twitter: strachanproject

Event page for Jamie’s next show at Audio…


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