Craig-Russell Horne Interview

I caught up with up with independent electronic musician, Craig-Russell Horne this week where we discuss his musical influences, Scottish venues and of course his latest E.P, ‘RESTORATION’ which is released on the 7th February! Check it out below…

Photographs by Blair Burnett

What age were you when you starting performing / writing music?
The first time I ever performed live, I was 14 at The Classic Grand in Glasgow. The set consisted of covers from bands I listened to at the time mostly but, also tracks I knew people liked. Ever since that time I was writing my own stuff but never wanted to perform it. It was the show after that again at The Classic Grand that I headlined, I slipped in one of my songs “Trains” and I remember everyone sitting on the floor, unprompted, as I played the intro. Getting that reaction to something I wrote had me thinking that I might have something here.

How would you describe your music to listeners?
That is by far the most difficult question I ever get asked. I really don’t know. I started music as an acoustic act playing shows and busking so girls would like me or find me interesting! Then in a band where I really started to flex my own opinions on how music should sound and show some creativity. To then find myself 10 years down the line making Electronic music. Its all came from a culmination of experience. Its best description is free flowing. I don’t really have a genre. I’m a producer/singer-songwriter. Essentially what that means is I’m really not caring about “finding a sound”, simply making music on that given day, week, month or year that I’m feeling has to be made. I’d tell listeners of my music not to get attached to the certain sound they are hearing when they first discover me because it WILL change.

You are very close to releasing your latest EP… What was the influence behind it?

I released my debut album “With The Absence Of Light” back in 2018 which was a brief description of the huge downturn in my life from about 2015 to early 2018. I then released a concept album called ‘YAMANTAKA’ in 2019 about my reclamation to the faith of Buddhism. So with this EP, Its moving away from the darkness of my life featured on the debut album, topped up by the re-ignition of my faith and ultimately moving forward and enjoying life much more than ever. Thus why its called “RESTORATION”. I got fed up of making dark, twisted music and also making music that seemed “sonically important”. Just a well crafted pop record that I and the people listening to it can enjoy.

Tell the viewers why the EP has been delayed (this is one of my favourite stories and could probably only ever happen to you haha)
Oh fuck sake… It’s really funny and annoying at the same time. On my podcast, “Behind The Mic”, I spoke with two guests about the annoyance of copyright claiming on YouTube and how my own distribution company flagged my song “Sleepwalking” on behalf of me. I found that whole experience extremely funny and it all got sorted so that was that… move forward to the start of January, I get an email from my distribution company telling me the EP hasn’t been approved for release. Turns out the reason is because I have been flagged for copyright on the EP’s version of “This Ain’t Love” because of the single version of “This Ain’t Love”. This EP was finished in November and for it to get delayed because of an issue which had already happened before had me fuming to say the least!

What’s your favourite song from the EP and why?
I love “This Ain’t Love”. It’s a song that you just can’t help but smile at. It was actually supposed to be a song for one of the acts I produce for, Billy Got Waves. But, his sound moved in a different direction so he was kind enough to gift me it and allow me to finish it. The writing of the chorus for the track was all Billy. He’s a savage of an artist. I can only thank him for all the help with it and ultimately making the song what it is.

So you’re from Glasgow – what Glaswegian band’s/ musicians are you currently digging?
My issue is I love tonnes of underground Scottish artists but have absolutely zero idea where they come from. So one of the two I’m thinking of I know are based in Glasgow but have zero idea where they actually come from. The first is Kohla. She is featured massively on my “what i’m listening to this week” playlist week after week. I think she is such an important artist. Her fusion of R&B and Trip Hop is stunning. L- Space are another. A band very much after my own heart in their disassembling style to electronic music. The music they make is so experimental and simply brilliant. The best thing about both of these acts is how much they are paving a way for Scottish female artists. History will look kindly on the shift in culture that they have championed.

Photograph by Blair Burnett

Who were your main musical influences growing up?
I was a huge Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro fan growing up. It was the first time I heard major popular acts singing in their native Scottish accent. Something that I have taken into my music ever since.

If you could play at any venue in Scotland, where would it be and why?
Growing up it was always King Tuts. But, I have now played it 5 times in total and headlined 3 times. So, if I was looking for a new challenge I would probably be looking at a stadium. I have been to gigs at Hampden and it’s just as awful watching a gig there as it is watching football at it. I’m a lifelong Celtic supporter so to perform at Celtic Park would be a dream come true. I also feel as a stadium it is better suited to live music than Hampden is anyway. Mind you any football stadium in Scotland could do a better job that Hampden.

Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics? 
Nowhere what so ever. Seriously. I get a track finished as if I was producing for one of my clients and then get a read for the mood and emotion of the track and write to them. That’s it.

What have you got in store for the rest of the year in terms of music?
Well we have the EP “RESTORATION” coming out and then spending the rest of the year writing an album for 2021. I really REALLY want to get a show under my belt this year so I’m trying to set that up right now and hopefully I’ll be in a position to announce that soon.

Check out Craig’s socials below…


Twitter: @CRH_Music

Instagram: @craigrussellhorne

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