Go To Girl Interview

Our first interview is here!!

We caught up with Amy from Edinburgh Indie Pop band, Go to Girl to find out all about their latest single, music influences and plans for 2020.

1.     Sum up 2019 in three words for ‘Go To Girl’ 

Awesome first year!

2.     How would you describe your music to new listeners? 

Upbeat indie pop rock made for dancing to.

3.     How did ‘Go To Girl’ form? 

I’d been doing the lone singer songwriter thing for years and I wasn’t really feeling it anymore as I just wasn’t listening to that kind of music myself. I played with a few different musicians but nothing really stuck until we got to the line-up we have today which is myself, Mike, Anna and Angus. We have such a laugh and it feels so good to be making music with other people again.

4.     You released two new singles last year – ‘Rush’ and ‘Shake’ what were the initial reactions for both singles? 

Both singles have had really positive feedback which is amazing. ‘Shake’ now has over 10,000 plays on Spotify which means so much to us that people are listening to and loving our tunes.

Go to Girl (Photo by Issac Ponseele Visuals)

5.     What’s your favourite venue to play a gig? 

We’ve been really lucky to play some amazing venues in our first year as a band but my personal favourite would have to have been King Tut’s. Standing on that stage and thinking of all those legendary bands that have played on it before us was really cool.

6.     Who were your musician influences growing up?

As a band we’re fairly mixed when it comes to influences but we all grew up listening to bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182, Green Day, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro. I used to love a bit of Avril Lavigne myself, her first two albums were epic! Was also a massive fan of Courtney Love’s band Hole and loved Tegan & Sara.

7.     You recently supported Indigo Velvet, how was that? 

That was such a fun gig, it was a sell out so it was amazing to play to a full crowd. The Indigo Velvet boys are such lovely guys too, a great laugh and they put on an epic show. Can’t stop listening to their new stuff!

8.     ‘Go To Girl’ is based in Edinburgh, who are your favourite Scottish bands at the moment? 

Vukovi, The Lafontaines, Moonlight Zoo, Indigo Velvet, Amy Lou, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, Anna Sweeney – all amazing.

9.     You have a new single on the horizon for 2020 in which we are all very much excited to hear – what was the influence behind it? 

Our past couple of singles are both about that kind of excitement of hooking up with someone new and the initial highs of a relationship. The next single is a similar vibe musically with danceable rhythms and funky basslines but the song content is a little different as it is more of a break up song. It’s all about trying to regain confidence and empowering yourself again when a relationship ends, we can’t wait to release it!

10.  What would you say are your ambitions for 2020 as a band? 

For 2020 we’re looking forward to releasing more music, making a music video, writing and recording some new tunes and hopefully playing a few festivals if we can. Ultimately we just want to get our music out there even more and get it to as many people as possible.

What you waiting for? Check out Go to Girl now!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gotogirlmusic/

Twitter: @Gotogirlmusic

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2K51eCl1MXDqFOOUsjtuFT?si=lvPPK_aCSrqhO2MgAW51XQ

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