Top Tracks of 2019

I think we can all agree that 2019 has been some year for the Scottish Music Industry and it’s just going to keep getting bigger and bigger…

For The Music Files first article, I’m going to present to you my top tracks of 2019. It was originally going to be a Top 20 list but since there’s just too many talented artists out there it ended up being a little more!

So in order of release here is The Music Files Top Tracks of 2019…

Jade Bird – I Get No Joy ( released Jan 16th)

Vistas – Eighteen (released 19th Feb)

The Lightening TripGetaway (released March 1st)

The Medinas – Daisy Chains (released March 8th)

Pyro – Tear me Down (released March 31st)

Atlas Run – D Day (released April 12th)

Chris Greig and The Merchants  – Colours (released April 19th)

The Bright Skies – Dispute (Hold On) (released April 26th)

Crystal – Sugar Sweet (released April 26th)

 John Rush – She Paints The Sky (released April 29th)  

Luna The Professor – Dreamers (released May 24th)

 The Capollos – Addiction (released May 31st)

Go To Girl – Shake (released June 21st)

Connor Clark and The Matador Kings – Once a Pretty Liar (released July 5th)

Indigo Velvet – Get Me High (released July 5th)

The Reason – Never Let Me Down (released Aug 9th)

Declan Welsh and The Decadent West – How Does Your Love (released Aug 22nd)

Vida – When The Sun (released Aug 23rd)

The Snuts – Maybe California (released sept 6th)

The Links – last line (released sept 6th)

Petty Cassettes – She Said (released Sept 7th)

The Lutras – Vari (released oct 2nd)

Kasama – Deep Water (released Oct 4th)

 Pale Fire – Various witches (released October 17th)

 Craig Russell Horne – This Ain’t love (released October 24th)

Between The Lines – Set On You (released October 24th)

The Rain Experiment – Be My Angel (released October 25th)

Shambolics – Chasing A Disaster (released nov 1st)

Mark Sharp and the Bicycle Thieves – Moonshine (released Nov 8th)

Amy Lou – Addiction (released Nov 15th)

Neon waltz – All in Good Time (released Nov 22nd)

Barstow Bats – Animals (released Dec 23rd)

The Fences – This is Living (released Dec 27th)

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